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I need help planning beach ceremony on April 18, 2009 in or near Siesta Key, FL. Son-in-law in military so timing is important. Must find venue, lodging, reception dinner, ~ 40 guests.

Hi, Suzie, You may want to work with a wedding planner/coordinator — there are several well-qualified ones on our website ( as well as several officiants. All the best, Nancy

How much is the charge for a Photographer?

Lexania, best wishes on your upcoming wedding! Once you decide on date and location of your wedding, decide what photos you’d like the photographer to shoot. Some brides have the photographer for the whole day… Read More

I would like to get married on Siesta Key. I am not sure who to call or how to get started. Do you have any suggestions or is there a book with all the venues in it?

Jean, Best Wishes on your upcoming wedding!  Siesta Key is a beautiful location for weddings. On our website ( are listed various Accommodations, Reception Locations, and Reception Locations Waterfront.  That is a very good place… Read More

We're considering a wedding planner. Any suggestions? Ceremony at Longboat Island Chapel and reception at Crosley Museum

Here are the websites of 4 well-respected local wedding planners.  Choose the one that best fits your personality and budget.  Best of Luck, Nancy T.

Last year i went to an event in Sarasota FL that had a DJ named Jeff Collins. Do you know how I can reach him to do another event?

Paul, Thank you for contacting Elegant Sarasota Weddings.  Unfortunately, I am not personally familiar with a DJ named Jeff Collins.  If you want to check with a few with our Network Members, visit and you can email… Read More

Hi! I hope you can help; Our wedding is one year away. We have 125-150 expected guest, I want to make it nice but I seem to pick the most expensive places. Can you recommend a facility that could fit a total budget of 15,000? Thank you

Hi, Khara, Best Wishes on your upcoming wedding! On our website ( are two lists: Reception Locations Reception Locations (waterfront) Visit the websites of our members listed there to get an idea of what they… Read More

Hi Nancy. I am planning to be married in may 2010 I live in England and would like to get married on siesta key beach, so I wondered how I go on sorting it out. Picking the right beach ceremony package. Thanks Kate.

Hi, Kate, Best Wishes on your upcoming wedding!  Siesta Key has beautiful beaches.  If you’ll have quite a few guests and need assistance planning the wedding, check out our “Wedding Planners” at  If your wedding… Read More

I am a non-practicing catholic, and so is my fiance. We would like to be married by a catholic priest, but not necessarily in a church (b/c we don't belong to one). Is that possible?

Best Wishes, Erin, on your upcoming wedding. I certainly can not speak for Catholic priests and suggest you contact one to ask your question. My understanding is that they don’t officiate outside the church building… Read More

Hi there. I'm interested in having a beach wedding and reception on a dinner cruise for approx 35-40 people. Location would be Long Boat Key area. I need help coordinating this. Thanks.

Hi Mandi, Best Wishes on your upcoming wedding! Check out and for a fun evening. All the best, Nancy T.

We are having a beach wedding at Siesta Key in June. What would you recommend for seating as I am worried chairs in that thick sand may be too wobbly???

Hi, Chris, Your rental company will know the best type of chair to provide when you tell them the location.  Usually, they send white folding chairs which seem to work fine on Siesta Key’s powdery… Read More