Ask Nancy


What is a normal dance floor size for about 120 people? And how many 3x3 squares should we rent?

Hi, Kim, Best Wishes on your upcoming wedding! Check with Rental Depot ( or US Tent Rental ( Either one should be able to answer your specific questions. All the best, Nancy T.

Hello Nancy, I was just wondering if you have any unique ideas for wedding venues on the beach (i.e. actvivites to do for a night time reception). Kind regards Andrew

Hi, Andrew, Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! If you’ll be on a public beach, keep in mind there is a curfew and restrictions against open flames, glass containers, and alcohol. If it is turtle hatching… Read More

We are looking to re-new our vows in Sarasota, FL. My husband and I and our 3 children, please can you give us some information. kind regards

Hi, Lisa, Wedding vow renewals are gaining in popularity and there’s no better place than Sarasota. Whether you opt for a formal ceremony at an elegant resort or a casual ceremony on the beach, you… Read More

I need help! I cant seem to find a venue that not only fits my budget but also my them, and it is crunch time and the stress is outstanding can you help?

Hi, Tamra, Best Wishes on your upcoming wedding!  Take a deep breath & relax. You don’t mention your wedding date or theme or budget, so it’s difficult to be very precise. Check out the members listed… Read More

Where can I find a low price , but nice banquet hall in Sarasota?

Best Wishes on your upcoming wedding! On our website ( you’ll find a list of “Reception Locations” and a list of “Reception Locations Waterfront” which have a variety of services and prices. All the best, Nancy… Read More

Small wedding 35-40 prefer on beach but able to be inside if it rains reception of tapas and buffet.

Best Wishes, Marta, on your upcoming wedding! On our website (, check out the “Reception Locations Waterfront” where you’ll find links to a variety of venues. All the best, Nancy T.

If I can only have/only want about 150 people at my wedding, how many people do i invite?

Hi, Alene, Best Wishes on your upcoming wedding! Easy answer: 150. But, we know it’s more complicated than that. There will be friends & relatives who you would certainly want to invite, even if you… Read More

Hi, How can we "wow" our guest, yet keep our wedding fresh and simple? We are planning an outdoor ceremony and I'd love to do something unique, any ideas?

Hi, Jerelyn, Have you considered a butterfly or dove release? You could have a “green” wedding. You could plant a tree. If it can’t stay there, water (from two vessels) a small potted tree and… Read More

Hi I am looking for a house to rent for my wedding reception. Do you have a list or web site that show all the larger houses for rent. looking for the siesta keys area.

Hi, Sabrina, Best wishes on your upcoming wedding! Check with the wedding planners on our website ( for possible beach house rentals on Siesta Key. Best of luck, Nancy T.

We decided to try and have the wedding at South Lido Beach do you know by any chance if any permits are required to have it there?

Hi, Lauren, Check with Sarasota County Parks & Recreation Dept. regarding the most up-to-date info on permits. Their phone is 941-861-5000. You’ll also need a Florida marriage license from any county courthouse in the state…. Read More