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Having a hard time deciding whether a DJ or live music would be better suited for a!

Best Wishes, Nancy W., on your upcoming wedding. After budget, I think it would come down to personalities.  These are the people who will establish the timeline and flow of the reception — introducing the… Read More

Hi Nancy, Im looking for a banquet or hall in Sarasota or Bradenton where we can bring in our own catering. Please Help!

Best Wishes on your upcoming wedding! Check out in the Gulf Gate area of Sarasota; near the Airport; and in east Bradenton. Nancy T.

I would like to ask you to help me find a beautiful, yet affordable venue to have my reception. do you have any suggestions???

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  On our website,, are two categories — “Reception Locations” and “Reception Locations – Waterfront.”  There you’ll find links to approximately 24 wonderful, diverse venues that suit a variety of tastes… Read More

Hi, We are looking for a wedding "helper" in Sarasota. Not really a planner for all the elements, but someone to be the point person on the day of the wedding--and maybe to consult in general. June

Hi, June, It sounds as though you’re looking for a “day of” coordinator.  Check our website ( for Wedding Planners — there are several who can help you. All the best, Nancy T.

What is traditional at a renewal of wedding vows for a 15th wedding anniversary. Please help I'm at a loss.

Congratulations, Connie, on 15 years of marriage! At your renewal ceremony, you can start with basically the same ceremony you had when you got married.  Then add mention of your children, highlights of your years… Read More

Is it possible to have a wedding and reception both on Lido Beach? If not, what other nearby beaches would be available that would accommodate this request? I am working on a budget.

Best Wishes, Morgan, on your upcoming wedding. Yes, it is possible to have the ceremony and the reception on Lido Beach. You can have both at one of the resorts on Ben Franklin Drive. Or… Read More

My Fiance and I would love a fall wedding in Sarasota on the beach but I know hurricane season is something to consider. Which would be a better month to get married during, October, November or Late April.

Best Wishes, Meredith, on your upcoming wedding!  Officially, hurricane season runs from 6/1 to 11/30.  Usually, November is pretty safe from hurricanes and afternoon thunderstorms, as is April.  October is when the temperature & humidity drop… Read More

My fiance and I would like to be married in a church. We don't belong to a church here. Do you know of churches which allow non members to wed there?

Kristin, best wishes on your upcoming wedding!  I would suggest contacting the churches of your denomination (in phone directory) to see what their requirements might be. There are also a couple of chapels available for rent… Read More

Sam & I are over 65, have lived together 15 years and now have decided to marry on August 7, 2010. Only guest will be our children, total 10. I would like simple, elegant and inexpensive. help please!

Best Wishes & Congratulations, Sheila & Sam! You didn’t mention what kind of help you need or how inexpensive the wedding needs to be.  So, I’ll suggest selecting a venue for the ceremony (home, backyard,… Read More

I am looking to do a sunset/candle lit wedding in October of this year. I have a budget of $4,000. And mu guest list is about 80-100. Can you make any suggestions for a wedding site and reception? We are thinking of a cocktail reception.

Best Wishes, Rachel, on your upcoming wedding!  On our website ( are listed quite a few venues where you can have your wedding ceremony and reception.  Visit their individual’s websites to see who fits your… Read More