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Hi! I'm planning an outside wedding on 11/12/2011 what time would you recommend I have my wedding ceremony. Sunset is at 5:40pm. Thank you.

Ask your photographer how much time s/he likes between the end of the ceremony and sunset for taking pictures (this will depend on size of wedding party, size of families, and number of guests that… Read More

Catering needed for a rehearsal dinner at Sarasota Yacht Club on July 15th 2011. BBQ theme. We also need a videographer for only the wedding. 1-2 hours max. Any suggestions? Our budget is tight. Thank you, Elsa Brown

IF the yacht club allows outside caterers, check the list of caterers on our website ( Videographers are also listed on our website. Best of luck,Nancy T.

In Sarasota, FL is there a PEAK and LOW season for pricing catering halls/hotels ? We're flexible on our date could be February to May 2012. Thanks Bob

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Usually hotel/motel rates drop at the beginning of May and go back up in December. March, April, and May and then Sept. & Oct. are usually busy wedding months here…. Read More

Hi Nancy, not engaged as of yet..but I have faith in him getting around to it lol..was wondering where I could have a churh wedding w/ beach reception

Most churches don’t allow non-members to get married there.  So, if you’re not yet a member of a church, join one.  Or you could get married by a minister on the beach and have your beach reception… Read More

Need a reference for a reputable wedding planner in the Sarasota Fl area

On our website,, you’ll find several well-qualified people (listed under Event & Wedding Planners) who serve the Sarasota area.   Nancy T.

My daughter would like to get married in Siesta Key next June could you suggest anywhere apart from the beach please.

If your daughter does not want to get married on the beach itself, there are a couple of Siesta Key restaurants where the ceremony & reception could be held:   There are additional… Read More

We are looking to plan a wedding reception for 50-60 people on Nov. 11th.

Congratulations! There are quite a few reception venues listed on our website  ( Variety of types, locations, and prices — check them out via the links.   Nancy T.  

Hello. I am in need of a dry cleaner to press my wedding dress. Do you have a suggestion? Thank you! Steph


hi nancy!! I am from Tanzania, I would like to ask you to advice about the colour, because I am getting married in two months and I don't know anything, please help me.

Best Wishes on your upcoming wedding!  Here in the US, traditional colors for wedding dresses are white and shades of ivory.  For bridesmaids dresses, pink is popular this year.  Grooms always look nice in a… Read More

Hi Nancy: Looking at about 60 people or less for waterfront wedding. Where would be the least expensive venue in the Sarasota area. Can be any of the beaches near by Lido, Anna Maria etc and we are fine if it is just a restaurant.

On our website ( you’ll find a listing for waterfront venues and also a couple of boats. Costs will vary depending on number of guests and menu selections. Best Wishes! Nancy T.