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hi nancy!! I am from Tanzania, I would like to ask you to advice about the colour, because I am getting married in two months and I don't know anything, please help me.

Best Wishes on your upcoming wedding!  Here in the US, traditional colors for wedding dresses are white and shades of ivory.  For bridesmaids dresses, pink is popular this year.  Grooms always look nice in a black tuxedo, but for more casual weddings (such as on the beach) many go with a tan suit or a white shirt and khaki slacks.

Nancy T.

On 9/2/2011 8:26 AM, Irene Mziray wrote:

thank u so much for your reply.. i was thinking the same but thing is am a little bit fat will shade of ivory look good on me??and bout at the reception what are the colors?? becouse its a garden with white tents, am totaly confused bout this thing.. i wish u could be in Tanzania nancy. Irene

Hi, Irene,

Which color of a blouse looks best on you — white or ivory?  Go with that color for your wedding dress.  (Ivory looks better on me and that’s what I went with.)

I think for a garden reception you could use any color that flowers grow — red, pink, yellow, blue, orange, lavender, etc. What will be blooming when you get married?  All of those colors would go well with white tents.

Best of luck,
Nancy T.