Ask Nancy

Sam & I are over 65, have lived together 15 years and now have decided to marry on August 7, 2010. Only guest will be our children, total 10. I would like simple, elegant and inexpensive. help please!

Best Wishes & Congratulations, Sheila & Sam!

You didn’t mention what kind of help you need or how inexpensive the wedding needs to be. 

So, I’ll suggest selecting a venue for the ceremony (home, backyard, beach, your place of worship) and a venue for the reception (home, backyard, beach, restaurant, country club).  Decide on a menu (and cake).

Select an officiant (clergy or civil).  Discuss wishes for ceremony and what roles children will play in the ceremony.

Select a professional photographer and videographer.

Clothing for bride & groom, color scheme, decor, flowers.

Don’t forget a Fla. marriage license (approx. $95) from any county courthouse in the state.  Get it no more than 60 days before the wedding and no less that 4 days before the wedding.


Best of luck,

Nancy T.