Ask Nancy

We would like to have a simple beach wedding performed on Siesta Key, what is required to do this. Wedding date is April 11, 2012. Need info as to where we would obtain the license.

Sarasota County Parks & Recreation Dept. issues permits for events on Siesta Key Public Beach. But, if you’ll be getting married at one of the resorts, a permit is not required from the County — just permission from the resort.

Marriage licenses are issued at county courthouses around the state.  There is one in downtown Sarasota (2000 Main Street). Fee is approx. $95.  If either of you is a Fla. resident, there is a 3-day waiting period between getting the license and getting married.  Non-residents do not have to wait.  The license is good for 60 days and must be returned to the issuing courthouse within 10 days after the ceremony.  They will want to see your photo IDs and will want to know your Social Security numbers and dates any previous marriages ended.


Nancy T.