Ask Nancy

We are getting married on the beach in Mexico. I am wearing a simple sexy wedding dress, my maid of honor is wearing a bright pink chiffon flowy dress. My question is if you have any suggestions on what the groom should wear?


Thank you for contacting Elegant Sarasota Weddings. It sounds to me like you are having a fun, casual and intimate beach wedding! Kudos to you for not being afraid to show your sense of style and personality… After all, it is YOUR wedding! As for the groom, a popular choice would be a collared linen shirt (in whatever color you like – most brides choose white, or any tropical color/theme to match the wedding), with khaki pants or shorts, and bare feet or sandals. This is a versatile style you can dress up, or go very casual… Whatever works best for you and your groom! Some brides also choose white pants for the groom, with any color shirt.

I wish you luck with your special day, and offer best wishes for a happy, healthy relationship with your soon-to-be-husband!