Swatch it! Wedding Edition – Top 5

Inspiration is everywhere – when we stop and look around, it’s amazing what we can find. We hope these swatches and color palettes will give you some inspiration so that you can find the ultimate twist to make your big event a one-of-a-kind experience.

IRELAND – Why not try the green, white and orange theme? Add a touch of orange to your wedding gown for added charm. We also love a fun DIY craft project with the hanging polka dots pattern.

BELGIUM – Elegance is the first thing that comes to mind when we see black and these power colors can make a very stylish wedding. The yellow and red combo will look great in your bouquet, especially when paired with the black and red combination for the groom or this very graceful flower girls dress – they all scream sophistication!

QATAR – This passionate swatch plays with the red tones, using the balloons for decorations, flower arrangements and invitations. These colors ensure emotional appeal and symbolizes that your romantic journey continues on.

ZIMBABWE – With this beautiful fire lily and the colors picked from this country, you’ll be sure to showcase the liveliness of your wedding. Check out the red flower toppers then add a little bit of sunshine using the yellow napkins on your table settings and green on your bridesmaid dresses. They are beautiful on their own, but together they look amazing.

ARGENTINA – This classic blue and white theme is one of the most beautiful and traditional color palettes – for a very good reason. These colors symbolizes stability and loyalty, the best way to start life with your significant other! Add a splash of vodka and blueberry for your cocktails, or the blue orchids for your cake. You will never go wrong using blue as the theme to your wedding.