Primarily, the wedding invitation sets the tone for your wedding. It is the first piece, if you will, of your wedding that guests will see. This is why so many brides and grooms agonize when choosing bone colored invitations over the ivory. So, what’s your invitation saying about you? Before considering what invitations to chose, please consider sending out “Save The Date” cards.

Everything down to the calligraphy and wording will change the perception your guests have regarding your wedding. The invitation gives the invited the clues as to the theme and color scheme of your wedding. Wherever possible, choose the highest quality. This is not to say that you should spend a quarter of your budget on invitations, however, compare invitations side by side and see what things you can compromise on and which you cannot. Since the comparison can be difficult to do alone, be sure to bring someone along and it’s always best to see and feel the quality of your choices.