The Groom’s Cake

The groom’s cake is a smaller cake that is served at the wedding  reception. Young women (unmarried) will want to take a piece of the groom’s cake home to place under their pillows and the old wives tale says “they will marry whomever they dream of that night.”

The  groom’s mother can bake the groom’s cake herself, or you can hire a professional.  The advantage of having the groom’s mother bake the cake is that it is her opportunity to give him a special treat, and of course, she will know his “favorite” more than anyone else, and most likely is the only one who can “make it right!”

The advantage to having a professional baker create the groom’s cake is that you can get very creative with your choices.  Professional bakers often gladly agree to use a favorite recipe of the groom’s and will even do a “trial” before the wedding to be sure it’s just perfect.  As far as “getting creative” it is amazing what professional bakers are able to do these days… you can have just about anything imaginable illustrated on a cake, along with any colors, flavors, accessories, etc.  Nowadays, the bride and groom typically use this opportunity to have lots of delicious fun and show off their personalities to family and friends.

The groom’s cake can be anything from  fruitcake to chocolate…but it must be whatever the groom loves.  You can even wrap small slices of  the groom’s cake in tin foil, wrapped  around with net and tied with a nice bow as a favor to be passed out at the  reception.  Include a little note with each piece of cake explaining the “old wive’s tale.”