What to Wear

Summer Wedding

If you are wearing a big, silly, gorgeous hat then keep the dress simple and the shoes very bare. No closed pumps (So minor British royalty), no ruffles (frou-frou on your head is enough), and no big florals…leave that to the much older ladies.

Formal Wedding

Pull out the pearls, consider black lace or a pretty little suit. A formal wedding commands respect especially if the ceremony is in a traditional temple or cathedral. You don’t want the rabbi or priest choking at the sight of your cleavage, so think Grace Kelly not Kelly Le Brock.

Beach Wedding

Wafty floral chiffon, a pastel silk djaballa, cream linen (not white) and spaghetti straps are all cool. A tropical flower behind one ear is also very lush. Please…no hard hair, no heavy make-up.

Garden Wedding

Choose shoes that don’t disappear into the soft earth. A nice Stephanie Kelian or Arche platform will be better than a Monolo spike heel. Gardens remind me of Matisse and Monet so a slightly longer hem and wafty sleeves are perfect here as are wraps in pretty colors and filmy textures: organdy, organza, broderie anglaise. Yum, more cake please!

Ex-Husband’s Wedding

No red! No White! The best thing to wear to this wedding is a genuine smile. Your outlook is more important than your outfit on this day. Are you mature enough to be there and give your full blessing? If not, don’t attend.

Daughter’s Wedding

Look lovely but be yourself, if you never wear hats or pearls or pastels don’t wear them now. You can give your daughter away in a black leather pencil skirt and brocade jacket if that is your style. Dignity is key for this occasion…you’ve had your turn, remember?

Best Friend’s Wedding

Ahh…Julia Roberts was splendidly sassy in My Best Friend’s Wedding wearing floor-length lilac and ringlets. Admire her, but ignore her example. On this day you need to be a rock. Choose a simply-cut dress, nothing flimsy or complicated. Imagine every conceivable turn of events: You might be dancing all night, you might be carrying the bride to the limo…wear a lower heel for both!