Wedding Toasts and Speeches

The Upper Hand The following tidbit began a wonderful and personal toast to the bride and groom from the bride’s brother: “John, take Emily’s hand and place your hand over her’s. Now, remember this moment… Read More


What to Wear

Summer Wedding If you are wearing a big, silly, gorgeous hat then keep the dress simple and the shoes very bare. No closed pumps (So minor British royalty), no ruffles (frou-frou on your head is… Read More


The Wedding Processional

Some churches have two center aisles. In such cases, use the left aisle for the procession and the right aisle for the recession, or close off the second aisle entirely. Houses of worship with one… Read More


Ten Unique Ideas for Your Wedding

Make your wedding day the most memorable to your guests with some of these simple ideas: When sending out your invitations consider purchasing a seal used for wax. There are a variety of designs not… Read More