Wedding Traditions

Wedding Trivia

A ring with a pair of clasped hands is one of the oldest symbols of “plighted troth.” In 1895, a single color — pink — was fashionable for spring weddings. In 1900, yellow was the… Read More


Wedding Traditions

Did you ever wonder how some of the traditional rituals associated with weddings and marriage had their beginnings? Some are based on romantic myth, some are based on religion, some on a time when marriage… Read More


Wedding Superstitions

Wedding Day Superstitions and Traditions   BRIDAL SHOWER The first gift the bride opens should be the first gift she uses. Everything the bride says as she opens her gifts will be repeated on her… Read More


Traditions and History of Weddings

Best Man: As marriages were historically accomplished by capture (the groom would kidnap the woman), a warrior friend was often employed. This Best Man would help the groom fight off other men who wanted the… Read More