Wedding Vows

Vow Writing Worksheet

Print out two copies of these questions. Take one and give the other to your fiancé and take two blank pieces of paper each also. Go to separate rooms to complete these questions. When you… Read More


Sample Wedding Vows

Vow #1 Submitted by: Jennifer of San Diego, California I heard something to this effect on “A Wedding Story”, and have elaborated on it. The groom told the bride something like, “I cannot express in… Read More


Renewing Your Vows: Sample Vows

Remember when you write your wedding renewal vows that a vow is a pledge or a promise. Just because you have already vowed certain things does not mean that you cannot vow those things again…. Read More


Renewing Your Vows: Worksheet

Renewing your wedding vows should be a truly joyous occasion. After all, if you have you been married for 25, 30, 50 years it is a truly amazing accomplishment – an accomplishment that you should… Read More


Common Religious Vows & How to Personalize Your Own

The wedding vow is the most well-known demonstration of verbal love. A vow is a line of words that are a solemn promise, or assertion, someone makes that binds him or her to an act, service, or… Read More


Vows: A how-to guide to writing your own

GETTING STARTED Before you get carried away and start spilling your heart out on the page, do your homework. Check with your officiant to make sure that it’s kosher to pen your own promise —… Read More